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Reduction Print

During the spring I worked on a reduction print of clouds. Clouds are one of the things I photograph often. I decided to explore how they would look in a hard-edged form of silk screen printing.

I chose and image (seen in a stretched out version at the top of my blog) and divided it into fourteen color zones. This process involves laying down color, then blocking areas of the screen in which you want to preserve that color. You start with the lighted hue and build up. At each stage you print a color, then block out the places on the screen where you are preserving that color. By the time you are done your screen is almost totally blocked out.

Depending on the nature of your image, blocking areas can be tedious. Small paint brushes and the tips of pencils make good applicators. The screen filling liquid is viscous and brick red. With your screen set over a map of the image, you slowly fill in areas, then let them dry. You can’t go back in reduction printing. Thankfully, clouds are somewhat forgiving in their appearance, so I had the opportunity to experiment and change my approach as I progressed.

I learned a great deal working on this print. I’m not sure I’d do this frequently, but it would be good to have one going on the side while working on other, faster prints…

14 color reduction print: Spring 2019

One thought on “Reduction Print”

  1. That’s a lovely print, Nancy. Fourteen colors sounds much more complex than four! Best of luck in your new blog and your new semester approaching.


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