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Basics of Photo Image Silk Screening

The main technique I am using to create images through silk screen printing involves a photographic process.

  1. Select the image you want to work with. For simplicity I will describe an image that is printed in one color. Using your photo editing software determine the size of your image. Print this out.
  2. Using a laser copier transfer your image to a transparency.
  3. Coat your screen with photo emulsion (in a dark room) and let it dry.
  4. Tape the transparency to the back of the screen.
  5. Place the screen on the glass of the light exposure box. Cover it with opaque material.
  6. Turn on the light for a predetermined length of time to burn the image into the screen.
  7. Remove the transparency and wash away the unexposed portions of the screen (those that had black on the transparency).
  8. You now have a positive image burned into your screen.
  9. Place the screen over your paper. Put a linear glob of ink on the screen. Pull the ink across the area where the image opening is using a squeegee.
  10. Your image is now a silk screen (serigraphy) print.
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