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The Journey Begins

Summer 2019

Welcome friends. Limen is a blog about my entry into the MFA program at the University of Missouri and my experiences along the way. It will be a place to share images of my work, discussion about the ideas I am working with, and thoughts about the art-making process from my perspective.

I have been working with printmaking for the past two years. Most recently I have been doing a series of silk screen prints of small found objects.

I have always been a collector of things that appeal. As a child I would fill my pockets with beach stones or horse chestnuts or the like. These were an abundance of beauty and fascination.

Some years ago a science building was being renovated near my workplace. Around the dumpster bits of equipment started to appear–computer keys, switches, bits of wire and so on. They were irresistible. And so were other bits of parking lot flotsam and jetsam.

Now I use these bits as subject matter for printmaking. Can a small piece of a rusted truck be presented as art? Can the ugliness of trash be superseded in its presentation? Could such prints change how people see their everyday world? These and many more questions drift by. I hope you will join in the conversation along the way.


One thought on “The Journey Begins”

  1. I also remember you collecting materials when the library building that we worked in was renovating, and going with you once or twice to scavenge things. I still have two wooden boxes I got from then (one, marked “Reserve Lists”) is sitting on my desk at work, holding files for the projects I need to keep at hand.

    I am imagining this blog being a place for you to put/write out “found thoughts” as you have them, moving forward. Looking forward to reading about your journey. ❤


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